What is a PLC?

Programmable logic controllers (shown in Figure 1) are now the most widely used industrial process control technology. A programmable logic controller (PLC) is an industrial grade computer that is capable of being programmed to perform control functions.

Figure 1 Siemens S7 PLC

Figure 1 Siemens S7 PLC

The programmable logic controller is designed for multiple input and output arrangements, extended temperature ranges, immunity to electrical noise, and resistance to vibration and impact.
A PLC is an example of a real-time system since the output of the system controlled by the PLC depends on the input conditions.
The programmable logic controller is, then, basically a digital computer designed for use in machine control. Unlike a personal computer, it has been designed to operate in the industrial environment and is equipped with special input/output interfaces and a control programming language.
“Programmable” in what sense
In a traditional industrial control system, all control devices are wired directly to each other according to how the system is supposed to operate. In a PLC system, however, the PLC replaces the wiring between the devices. Thus, instead of being wired directly to each other, all equipment is wired to the PLC. Then, the control program inside the PLC provides the “wiring” connection between the devices. The control program is the computer program stored in the

PLC’s memory that tells the PLC what’s supposed to be going on in the system. The use of a PLC to provide the wiring connections between system devices is called softwiring.
Let’s say that a push button is supposed to control the operation of a motor. In a traditional control system, the push button would be wired directly to the motor. In a PLC system, however, both the push button and the motor would be wired to the PLC instead. Then, the PLC’s control program would complete the electrical circuit between the two, allowing the button to control the motor.

Figure 2

Figure 2

PLC programming languages

Ladder logic
Functional block diagram
Structured test
Sequential flow chart
Instruction list

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